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Cooled Shipped Semen Schedule and Guidelines


It is very important that you work closely with a veterinarian experienced in equine reproduction and artificial insemination techniques.


All charges pertaining to shipping are your responsibility including, but not limited to, Stallion Fees, Booking/ Chute Fees, Collection fee, Container deposit, and Federal Express or Airline Charges.


Orders for shipped semen must be requested by 7:00 pm the night prior to shipment.


Collection days are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday beginning February 1 until June 30.


Semen picked up at the farm is $50.00 for each pick up.


Please return the Equitainer within 48 hours of receipt. If the Container is not returned within 5 days a $25.00 per day late fee will be incurred.


We will attempt to send two doses of semen per shipment but please realize that this is not always possible, especially at the height of breeding season. Mares on farm have priority, along with mares requesting a first shipment versus mares requesting a second or third shipment.


Our usual office hours are from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. However during breeding season these hours may be extended. Please feel free to contact Nancy at 651-283-0440 if you have any questions. You can leave a message and we will return you call in a timely manner.



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